Light Cut

Spot Module, MR16 Halogen

The Light Cut is a linear cove lighting system comprising an knife-edge extruded profile which integrates perfectly in drywall ceilings and moveable spot modules. To achieve more innovative light effects you can use linear LEDs in warm white or RGB for ambient light. The LED modules are anchored directly to the profile and are interconnectable. The system is available in two sizes depending on the installation. It has accessories for visual comfort optimization and colour filters. Perimeter channels or central installation can be made with this system using double channels with two opening widths.

IP Rating

Spot modules have integral power supplies

J-boxes should be placed with regularity throughout the cove

Distance between j-boxes should be decided based on how many spot modules are being utlized

Spot modules wattage is model dependent

Linear modules are constant 24 volt with remote power supply

Linear modules are 6 watts per linear foot for the white option and 3 watts per linear foot for the RGB option

RGB controls to be ordered seperately as required

Optional Accessories

Honeycomb anti-glare screen

Blue filter

Sky blue filter

Amber filter

Red filter

Hot light lens

Cold light lens

Day light lens

Neodimium lens

Screening cylinder



  • FLOS Light Cut Profiles Install
  • FLOS Light Cut Spot Modules Install