Tracking Magnet

Light Strip

Designed by FLOS Architectural

The Tracking Magnet system is creative, flexible, reliable and precise. Accent fixtures can be rapidly exchanged and repositioned without tools using the magic of magnets. A variety of accent LED light elements achieve flexible yet precise illumination with artistic results. The extruded aluminum housing creates a clean 1/2” slot that can be run up, around and across walls and ceilings. The Tracking Magnet is available in recessed, surface, or pendant mounted applications, making it an option in even the most varied of job conditions. Vertical and horizontal corners complete the system. The Tracking Magnet is perfect for retail displays where frequent changes are typical and absolute performance is required.

11.8", 23.6", 35.4", 47.2", 59"
2.7W, 5.4W, 8.1W, 10.8W, 13.5W
Lumen Output
From 107lm up to 535lm
Color Temperature
2700K, 3000K
IP Rating
Power Supply

24V class II remote driver


24V electrical system

System is limited to a maximum power current of 4A and 100W to avoid overloads

After every 96W make a new connection with a connection feed profile

Wattage per linear foot is dependent upon quantity and type of light modules used, total max possible per linear foot is 34W

EC to supply site cabling from driver to track location

Specify one connection cable per driver


  • FLOS The Tracking Magnet Recessed Profile Install
  • FLOS The Tracking Magnet Surface Profile Install
  • FLOS The Tracking Magnet Suspension Profile Install